5 reasons why CIA Russian hack claims are ridiculous

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No evidence in defense of the CIA Russian hack claims currently exist.

As Ben Swann has stated, the CIA claims that the Russians tried to sway the U.S. election in favor of Donald Trump. While most of the mainstream media is taking that as fact, it’s certainly worth questioning both motive and lack of evidence as large problems in this claim.


Top 5 problems with the CIA Russia hack claim

  1. THE CIA DID NOT OFFICIALLY RELEASE THIS INFORMATION. The CIA is sure that Russia hacked both the DNC and John Podesta’s email account with the intent of swaying the election toward Donald Trump. Reactions from several politicians are predictable. Mitch McConnell states, “The Russians are not our friends.” Right, things have been tense under the Obama administration. But that’s not the issue. The problem is that no one is asking the intelligence community for hard evidence. This information was leaked anonymously to the Washington Post and New York Times.
  2. ANONYMOUS SOURCES DID NOT PROVIDE ANY EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT CLAIMS. Generally when a country’s government is going to accuse another government of crimes against them, the victim might need some type of concrete evidence to support such a claim. This makes no one accountable because no one can actually prove it happened.
  3. THE CIA LIES. Not always, but Ben Swann quotes several occasions where the CIA has been caught lying. The Senate Intelligence Committee ripped the CIA in 2014 for ongoing “culture of misinformation”. The report details, “actions by CIA officials, including torturing prisoners, providing misleading or false information about classified CIA programs to the media.” This deeply undermines the trust the public has for intelligence agencies. Forgive us if we are going to need some hard evidence that what you are saying is true.
  4. CIA INVESTIGATORS DON’T AGREE ON THE ASSESSMENT. From the Washington Post, “There were minor disagreements among the intelligence officials about the agency’s assessment, in part because some questions remain unanswered.” Minor disagreements is too relative for the public to trust this information.
  5. JULIAN ASSANGE SAYS THIS WAS A LEAK, NOT A HACK. Assange has mentioned on several occasions that this information was not hacked, but rather leaked to WikiLeaks. In fact, Craig Murry who is the UK Ambassador to Uzbekistan has met the source of the information to WikiLeaks. “I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack, the two are different things.”

Overall, we’re still in the dark

What’s the takeaway here? The claim is that Russia hacked the election by revealing information from the DNC and the Clinton campaign to sway votes towards Donald Trump.  We seem to be missing the point.  How odd is this that the argument isn’t whether or not the Russians were trying to influence the election via lies or electronic voting, but rather simply revealing the truth about the DNC and Hillary Clinton?



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