Donald Trump fired himself from his companies

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Donald Trump is taking the power away from the liberal mainstream media again! Trump fired himself from all of the companies he owns/operates today. I’m curious on what the liberal media will say now??

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God bless America. The grown ups are back in the oval office.

Check out the video supplied by Dailymail below.

Trump has signed off all his control  of the company(s) he owns and operates to prove a point to the rest of the world — he’s taking his role seriously and despite the fact he doesn’t lawfully have to quit all of his jobs, he is. It’s obvious that the role of President, Trump isn’t taking lightly.

*** That’s because Trump stays true to his word!!

We need to share this. You will not see this on the liberal media. CNN sucks and they won’t report anything honest to save their lives.

Donald Trump has officially resigned from every business that he has owned so that he can focus on being President, says Daily Mail. God bless Donald Tump for bringing truth back to Washington. #SHARE IF YOU TRUST TRUMP!

Thanks for reading. (Daily Mail)


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