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Donald Trump has been doing quite well since he won the Presidency in November. Trump has called out the media, kept American jobs here in the states, and now results are starting to show already that the American people believe in him.


According to Bloomberg Politics Poll, over 50% of those polled believe that Donald Trump is already doing a great job overall! The country believes that Trump will keep U.S. interests in mind first, something that we haven’t seen from the White House in some time.

Some other interesting figures from this same poll on Bloomberg Politics

  • 51% say they believe the billionaire will put what’s best for the country ahead of his own individual interests.
  • 69% of Americans believe he should NOT have to sell his business investments off to be President.
  • 75% of Americans say it is ‘OK’ if Trump readjusts some of his campaign promises for negotiation reasons.
  • 50% of Americans believe Trump will deliver the $1Trillion in new American infrastructure that he promised.

However there is a pocket of the country (26%) that believe Trump should sell his businesses to focus on the Presidency and not create a conflict of interest.

Here’s my problem with that: Politics are generally a conflict of interest at some point. Should every businessman who decides to run for office simply sell their businesses beforehand? I think that sets a dangerous precedent for future anti-establishment candidates who have made careers and actually contributed to the economy rather than making themselves career politicians. Why punish those who are job creators and contributing members of this country? Would we have asked Mitt Romney’s wife to sell Heinz Ketchup had he been elected President because she might get a discount due to her husbands policies.

There is a line to be drawn. Trump needs to focus on the Presidency, but I’m sure it’s fine to have temporary replacement CEOs, such as Ivanka Trump.

Ethe liberals are warming up to President Trump. After all, at the end of the day he is better than Hillary. (H/T – Daily Mail)

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