FBI is being investigated for “pre-election” behavior

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It would seem that no one can accept that the election is over and Trump has won. The FBI is now being investigated by the Justice Department for it’s behavior during the events leading up to the 2016 election. Obama’s lackeys will be sniffing around for anything to justify the fact that Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election on her own, it’s someone’s fault. The problem is the Democrats are running out of someone to blame.

Today Obama’s Justice Department announced they will investigate the actions of the Justice Department and FBI in the months leading up to the 2016 election.

There’s a host of things the Justice Department could be investigating, but with only 8 days left of the Obama administration, I’m sure that Obama wanted to make sure he covered himself when he explains to Hillary that he did everything he could to try and overturn the election.

The Justice Department could be investigating why Loretta Lynch had a meeting with Bill Clinton during the FBI email investigation or why the FBI didn’t prosecute Clinton for tampering with emails. But no, sadly, we’ll be hearing some other bogus excuse why the US government spend another 25 million dollars of taxpayer money only to discover that Trump won the election. Again.

At this point, we can only speculate that the Justice Department will be trying to prove that James Comey tampered with the election by letting people know Anthony Weiner had a stockpile of secret Clinton emails on his filthy sex-scandal laptop. Really people?

Personally, I’m glad it came out and all this info was leaked. It showed the world who was actually on the verge of being in charge. Clinton is slimy, Anthony Weiner is slimy and an idiot, and Obama, for whatever reason, is still on their side. “For the party”, probably.

For all the horrendous operations and lies our intelligence agencies tell, at least James Comey, whether he meant to or not, spilled the beans and let the world know the vile people who were so close to owning the highest office in the land. America deserves to know the truth.

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(Daily Mail)

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