Hollywood Elitist Meryl Streep stomps Trump during Golden Globes speech

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Last night during the Golden Globes, Hollywood elitist Meryl Streep decided to take the opportunity to bash Donald Trump during her lifetime achievement award speech that lasted for over 6 minutes. I give her credit, that’s longer than I’ve ever lasted through one of her movies.

Trump certainly didn’t appreciate the comment and took to Twitter to deliver a swift beat down.



Meryl Streep is also one of these fabulous Hollywood types who just absolutely had to have the opportunity to play our President Elect in jest so that everyone would see how foolish we are for supporting a businessman and reality tv show star.

Meryl Streep as Trump
NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 06: Meryl Streep, dressed as Donald Trump, performs onstage at the 2016 Public Theater Gala at Delacorte Theater on June 6, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Paul Zimmerman/WireImage)

Forgive me Meryl, but didn’t California elect Arnold Schwarzenegger as governor who was allegedly involved in several inappropriate incidents with women before his election to the Governor’s Office? I don’t recall you dressing up like the Terminator, going on national television and denouncing Arnold for the misogynist, alleged groper, and pompous ass he has been in the past? Perhaps since the two of you are fellow actors and you can look past these previous troubles and allegations because he’s an “artist”? And yet you don’t give Donald Trump that same opportunity and spend your Lifetime Achievement Award speech rattling on about him?

Let’s get something else straight; when it comes to people who are in the know regarding the state of the world –Hollywood is about the most uninformed, disconnected, and clueless group who are extremely out of touch with the average person.  Most of us in the rest of the 95% of the country have decided to look elsewhere when it comes to politics, general knowledge of current events, or basing life decisions on anything you people do.

Here in flyover country — we’re making your cars, growing your food, putting together your furniture, teaching your kids and you’ve got the audacity to try and educate us on how things should be? Well excuse me Meryl, but millions of dollars later, perhaps your opinion has become slightly skewed?

Save your political rants for your LA’s hottest oxygen bar or whatever it is overpaid actors do for fun these days. The rest of us, including Trump, have work to do.

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