Irate Congress dumps on UN after Obama screws up Israel

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Obama’s administration has proven again that it cares little for our friends Israel in the Middle East. More sympathy and regard from the Obama administration is reserved for cooperative countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran. Thank God that Obama isn’t America and doesn’t speak for us all! And of all things, Congress is striking back!

Republican Congress stated that they will not let Israel go by the way side. To be treated how Obama and the UN have dealt with our allies is unacceptable.

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Frankly the worst part of this is we have to tolerate this moron another 20 days before Trump is sworn into office. Maybe he’ll take some stuff from the White House on the way out like the Clintons.

What’s even worse is that the Free Beacon reported that Senior members Senior members of Obama’s admin had been working behind the scene to make sure everyone voted in favor of Palestine!

The UN is making houses in the West Bank illegal, while they’re also telling them that they aren’t allowed to build in Jerusalem any longer. Truly a bizarre and troubling scenario.

We’re sick of pandering to this ridiculous love-affair with Radical Islam. The Obamas, the Clintons, the Bushes. All they have ever done is overthrow secular governments and promote radicalization. Israel is the last stronghold left!

We need to show our support of Israel by standing together strong, sharing this out, and telling the world WE STAND BY ISRAEL!! (FOX News)



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