John McCain admits to sabotaging Trump

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Much speculation has been made on who leaked fake news to CNN that implicated Trump participating in some lewd sexual behavior in Russia. What comes to the surface is Senator John McCain was behind it all.

McCain issued a public statement that revealed the truth of what we all suspected:

“Late last year, I received sensitive information that has since been made public.

Upon examination of the contents, and unable to make a judgment about their accuracy, I delivered the information to the Director of the FBI.

“That has been the extent of my contact with the FBI or any other government agency regarding this issue.”

What is true is that McCain hired a retired MI6 agent from Great Britain to find any dirt on Trump that he could. Allegedly, that source came back with this fake news sex scandal garbage, of course none of that can be proven.

Now England is under pressure to provide the source since several trade deals are on the line after the Brexit incident.

How can ANYONE ever trust those Mainstream Media liars or John McCain ever again? Their credibility is shot and I don’t see McCain lasting any longer. Now I need you to Share this and end their reign of terror for good!

(Daily Mail)

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