Michelle Obama whines to Oprah about being the first family

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Michelle Obama whines to Oprah about how hard being the first family can be.

This week, Michelle Obama whined to Oprah about how hard it has been having the job as being the first family.

“People don’t really understand how hard this is. And it’s not something you just cavalierly just ask a family to do again… Let me just tell America, This is hard.”

Sympathy isn’t my forte, but this, this I cannot get behind one iota. I can imagine that this is a challenge because your life and your families life is drastically different. Charmed, but different. But to go on national television and complain that it’s a hard job, that’s fairly ignorant and shows the true disconnect between the ruling politician class and regular people who keep the lights on.

Let’s take a brief tour of Michelle Obama’s 8 year hell ride, shall we?

  1. The Obama family vacation spending package: $96 million dollars. Really? Let’s put that in perspective — let’s say that the average annual income of a person in the US, and this is being generous, is $50,000. Over a lifetime (40 years of working), that’s roughly $2.5 million dollars. These clowns managed to spend $96 million on vacation in 8 years. Where the hell did you guys go? Saturn?
Michelle and Barack Obama and Bidens
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

2. Michelle’s meager wardrobe estimates in the thousands every year.

Michelle Obama wardrobe
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


3. The Obama’s were forced to party with the likes of Paul McCartney and other famous Hollywood regulars. Horrific times, I’m sure.

Obama McCartney
Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Now watch Michelle Obama just whine a ton. Now watch Don Lemon and CNN faun all over her in this video.



I think I can speak for America when I say, we’ve had enough. And despite the fact that my sympathy is limited to begin with, this I just can’t tolerate.

Pack your bags, Michelle! #SHARE THIS POST IF YOU AGREE.


UGH. Now, we will never have to listen to Michelle Obama’s grating voice. #SHARE = AGREE!

God bless President Trump for winning the Whitehouse. 4 more years of alleged idiots like Michelle in the White House and America would have been over!  The Gateway Pundit


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2 thoughts on “Michelle Obama whines to Oprah about being the first family

  1. These people are the sorriest excuses on the planet!!!!! To spend more than 44xs what the average person can earn in a lifetime on vacation in under 8 years and bill the citizens for that…. it’s just inexcusable! !!! I can’t wait until the end of the month when they’ll be gone and maybe with any type of blessing, charges will have both them and the Clintons in jail with charges of treason!! Wouldn’t it be great if they ended up at gitmo with all money ceized to pay back the money they stolen all these years!! Yea, I know, I’m dreaming!! Don’t wake me yet though, it’s a nice dream!!

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