Obama begs Trump to do him a favor

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Obama has finally run out of options. He has realized that his legacy is quickly approaching an end/ With Trump coming into office, most of the things Obama has done are executive orders that will be overturned.

In a desperate attempt, Obama pleads with Trump to not deport the ‘dreamers’, the illegal immigrants who came here as young children. Daily Mail



There is a small area in my soul that contains an enormous amount of empathy and social justice for those who have been wronged — truthfully this plucks my heartstrings. I myself have been a ‘dreamer’, not an immigrant personally, but I have wanted for opportunity.

Here’s the rub though; since when do Democrats care about anybody other than Democrats? Because last I checked, Democrats have done zilch to actually help them get citizenship to gain the things they are truly after. In contrast, Democrats would rather the weak and vulnerable remain exactly that and rely on the government. Hmmm, I wonder why?  Dependent citizens are moldable, easily manipulated, and easily ruled.

Another theory is that illegal immigrants who grow up in this country maintain the status quo of cheap labor for a variety of things. Truthfully, I’m no expert in the field of illegal immigrant labor and their effect on the US economy. All I know is that the US does provide services to illegal immigrants such as certain types of healthcare, public services, etc. That has to be some kind of drain on our economy.

The US can’t simply support anybody who wants to come over whenever they want without them contributing to taxes or ‘paying their dues’. I don’t t have the answers, we’ll just have to pray that Trump will find a solution that is best for the US and we can move forward in this regard.

Well, I’m sure Donald Trump will have something to say about this. He wants to stop illegal immigration but also loves kids and is a master negotiator. Let’s pray for him and I’m sure he will do the right thing.

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