Trump delivers great news to United States Navy

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A country’s Navy, in general, determines its strength. Under President (only for 11 more days) Obama, the US has been cutting jobs, budgets, and resources consistently over 8 years. Many of our necessary military defenses, systems, and equipment are tired models.

Recently, President Elect Donald Trump has announced that he has plans to add $5 billion in funding to Navy’s budget so the US can keep up with China’s rapidly growing fleet.


According to the US Navy, the United States would need an additional 355 new ships built to keep up with the increasing size and strength of China. One can only guess what Trump’s internal reaction was to that news.

We’ve seen on many an occasion that Trump has a close eye on China, and with good reason. This is an expensive project to be paid over 30 years. If the funding goes directly to Navy resources we use on a regular basis with purpose, then this new budget adjustment should have a positive impact on the US Navy.

The United States has kept the role of being a military superpower since the 1900s. It would appear that Donald Trump would like for the US to return to that status and maintain our control and safety of both our interests and soldiers.

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