Trump is fed up with Obama’s abuse of presidential power

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Barack Obama’s abuse of power has absolutely gone over the top over the past 2 terms. When Congress said no, Obama said yes, by any means necessary to get his crooked agenda done. When Obama is out of friends, he signs some Presidential pardons. Obama’s abuse of power has to stop.

Obama’s latest Guantanamo Bay fiasco takes the cake. This terrorist lover, sympathizer, loon plans on releasing 18 more ‘high-risk’ inmates before Jan 20th.

Thank God Trump shut it down. Trump says, “No more!” He shut Obama down in an epic Tweet that all Americans need to see NOW:


Finally someone who gets it. Why the hell are we releasing lunatics back into the world to destroy ourselves and put our men and women of service at risk? Obama tries to make it look like these detainees were innocent, good people just wrong place wrong time. Right. People in county jails could be a mistake. One does not end up in GTMO by mistake.

We all know that the CIA is clueless,  I suppose there is a possibility of terrible intel. However GTMO is not a catch and release kind of prison.

I’m happy that our future President Trump has it together and is aware that prison needs to stay in operation. Hopefully Obama won’t clean out the entire population before Jan 20th.

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