Trump just made a huge announcement America will love

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The holidays might be winding down, but it would appear that Trump will continue to deliver good news! Last night Donald Trump spoke on his balcony to announce that he just created another 8,000 jobs!

Not only that, but 5,000 jobs that were previously abroad, outsourced by Sprint, will now be brought back to the United States.


This isn’t the first jobs related announcement from our future President. Recently he also secured a deal with Softbank for 50,000 jobs in the US as well as Carrier. Trump also convinced Ford to stay in the US.

For somebody who isn’t even in office yet, it would certainly seem that Donald Trump is already hard at work securing opportunities for our workers and delivering on promises.

While Democrats continue to give handouts, push their absurd agendas, and cry about a future with a president with a backbone, we know that our best interests are taken care of with the new coming president. (Daily Mail)


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